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Corruption in Canada? Are your


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The Canadian Anti-Corruption League has been formed by a committed group of Canadian citizens to work together to stop all forms of corruption at the roots.  Now is the time to prevent things from getting worse.

We ask that you join with us in this critically important effort.  Let's ACT together to keep Canada safe.


Four Key Corruption Cures



Secrecy is the breeding ground of power abuse and corruption and is the modus operandi of many corrupt forces operating in Canada and the world.


The CACL commits to complete openness as a fundamental principle to democracy and to a complete absence of secrecy in the party and in governance of the country.



Lobbying shall be done only with government staff in front of a panel consisting of persons of qualified expertise and several Canadian Citizens. Any person that attempts to lobby in person shall be deemed to have committed an indictable offence.



Whistle blowing will be encouraged and the whistle blower shall be given 100% protection under law from any form of retaliation, harassment, fear of employment or any other act designed to intimidate or harass in any way the whistle blower. Should CACL have a part in government we expect to be observed and held accountable for our actions. We encourage whistle blowers to also report past acts of corruption of previous governments so that all Canadians can learn of injustice and corrupt acts committed by members of the government or staff in those years.



It is our intention to provide the legislation and funding to hold each department accountable for the dispersement of funds under their control on a annual basis and this shall be a complete audit by outside and impartial professionals. Of prime importance will be the proper use of the budget and special attention will be made in all departments to come in under budget with no loss of budget the next year if needed.


Urgent Action

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Every day that we fail to take action, corruption becomes stronger.


  • Demand Integrity and Honour
  • Fight All Forms of Corruption
  • Maintain Strong Principles and Standards


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   The CACL Constitution - click here

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Nominate someone who has acted with integrity and struck a blow against corruption of the system.