The Canadian Anti-Corruption League is a group of Canadian Citizens who have committed to take political action in order to restore and strengthen the principles of Integrity and Honor that have made our country one of the most respected in the world.

We have also enlisted the services of Jim Namaste, Ph.D, who is a foremost expert in the areas of long-term planning, policy implementation and technology.  In addition, Dr. Namaste, who has practical experience in a number of areas, has done extensive research on social problem and the impact of cultural factors. Dr. Namaste is providing his service pro bono.

We believe that corruption has grown and has started to have its pernicious effects on too many of our leaders and in our culture.  It is not to late to act now to stop corruption and strike at its roots before it is too late.

We ask that all well-meaning and concerned Canadian citizens join with us in a movement that will make our country greater than ever!

There is much to do and we need to act swifly.

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