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Engage In Conversation

We have to think, listen and talk with one-another about Self-Respect, Integrity, Honour and the many related topics.  That is the only practical and lasting way to stop corruption in its tracks!

It's how we immunize our society and culture against corruption.

We believe that beneath everything RESPECT is what counts the most in life.

What does self-respect mean to you?

How does respect relate to Integrity and Honour?

How does respect relate to how you interact with others?

How do respect, integrity and honour tie in with other areas of life, such as family, community, sports, charity and more?

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Issue Positions

Many requests have been received wanting to know our stance on pertinent issues facing Canadians. Below we are posting suggested issue positions that have been recommend the CACL adopt in pursuing anti-corruption actions.

Please take a good look at the list below and we welcome comments. We want your involvement in our activities as well as becoming a member. Get involved and let’s have your participation on the forum and comments on the blog.

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CACL Supports a whistle blower protection program 100% with safeguards to protect innocent persons.
CACL Supports new safeguards regarding the practice of lobbying. All lobbying shall be performed in front of a panel of qualified Canadians.
CACL Supports a GIP Guaranteed Income Plan to replace all the various programs that cost massive amounts to administer and in most instances are unfair to recipients.
CACL Supports NO GMO in our food chain.
CACL Supports GMO Testing by totally independent labs.
CACL Support family ethics.
CACL Support local organic food supply
CACL Support right to choose your food source.
CACL Support your right to minimal food processing including raw products. (raw milk)
CACL We support the family farm. and small business.
CACL We support full term pregnancy 100%
CACL Supports refusal to mass mandatory medication of any type. Fluoride, Chlorine, vaccinations, ETC.
CACL Supports farm gate sales
CACL Supports Property rights.
CACL Supports Alternative health treatments as your right.
CACL Supports Incorporating alternative and supplemental protocols into the health system.
CACL Supports cures for ailments v/s present treatment system.
CACL Supports the rights of citizens in law enforcement matters.
CACL Supports ending the usage of government resources to intimidate and extort guilty pleas from Canadians of lower income.
CACL Supports the use of Bank of Canada to finance our governments.
CACL Supports a comprehensive program to protect our natural resources including climate change.
CACL Supports the Hunting & Fishing industry
CACL Supports the Wrongfully Convicted in Canada
CACL Supports processing our natural resources in Canada ( Oil, Gas & minerals..
CACL Supports the Federation of Agriculture & CFIB
CACL Supports cleaning Health Canada of Corruption
CACL Supports cleaning Canadian Food Inspection Agency of Corruption.
CACL Supports dialogue in correcting the First Nations issues and enforcing accountability in all financial matters.
CACL Supports immigrants in matters pertaining to having qualifications appraised and put to the good use of Canada.
CACL Supports a much simpler and loophole free tax system.
CACL Supports the concept of removing the profit from illicit drugs and chemicals.
CACL Supports the concept of profit and free enterprise available to all.
CACL Supports Canadian Cultural Activities and will invest financial resources as required in this endeavor.
CACL Supports the removal of most of the red tape regulations that hinder business development in the small and intermediate sector of our economy. CACL also believes that SME’s are the most vital sector of the Canadian economy.
CACL Supports a health care bill of patient rights program and is against any and all forced medication.

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