"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead
US anthropologist & popularizer of anthropology (1901 - 1978)

2015--Let's Get Time on Our Side with Collaborative Organization

We can make this a new year to count far into the future by working together to stop corruption."

Remember, corruption is about much more than just politics and money.  It is a rotting of the spirit and soul.

Here is simple suggestion with much power.  Make a pledge to talk with just one person each week about the meaning of integrity and honour in our lives.

It will soon make a difference.  Guaranteed!

"Sorites," a Different Word for "Slippery Slope."

Just like cancer, the slippery slope process can be devastating.

A study done some time ago is indicative of what has happened in Canada regarding corruption:

"Canadians assume that their politicians and institutions are relatively free of the corruption they associate with other nations. The editors of this volume argue that this questionable supposition is based on scant evidence and very little serious analysis."

Political Corruption in Canada:  Cases, Causes and Cures
By Kenneth Gibbons and D.C. Rowat

Remember and consider that these authors were talking about political corruption, whereas CACL is committed to addressing the roots of corruption, that includes all forms of corruption.  That is what makes our effort different and why it will work.


Actioneer - We have added a new word to the English language. When you take action, large or small, at least once each day to increase the level of honour and integrity, thereby helping to prevent corruption, then you are an Actioneer!

Think about the meaning of honour and integrity and why they are important for any culture and society.

Share information that can encourage honour and integrity or halt corruption

Like our Facebook Fanpage.

Start a discussion or post a comment on Internet web pages (forums, social sites, blogs, etc. telling people about anti-corruption activities and honourable acts and people.

Support people who tell it like it is and report public or private acts of corruption.


CACL's start-up team is still small, but everybody is determined and knows the absolute importance of the cause and that it will take time. It has taken 50 years to get to the current level of continuing cultural deterioration affecting Canada. We know that culture change takes time, and that is what has to happen.

Starting today, with Royce Hammer, our Founding Actioneer, we will introduce you every week to one of our members who is active in helping to build CACL by volunteering at least five hours each week.

Royce Hamer

Those of us who know Royce will tell you that he is the real deal–what you see is what you get.

What you see is honesty, caring, commitment and an action-orientation.  Royce is a person without any guile who is direct and speaks his mind.  He is the perfect person to be CACL’s “Founding Actioneer.”  Here is his story.

Royce Hamer started the CACL after an experience of running for public office with an obscure political party that had a compassionate platform. His brief campaign experience taught him a valuable lesson about an Anti Corruption Platform that fit 100% into his personality.

Born in Oshawa, Ontario in October 1944 and subsequently raised on the family farm where hard work and hard play were part of a natural routine. With two brothers and a wonderful dog life was great and rewarding.  Eating out of the family garden and drinking the raw milk from their Guernsey herd led to a healthy lifestyle that would be hard to match today.

Education:  Royce attended Public school then went on to Port Perry High school where he left at the end of grade 11 to enroll in night school to study Machine Shop and complete his grade 12.

In 1963 Royce left the machine trade and joined the Metro Toronto Police Department as a cadet and in 1964 graduated to Constable 3rd class.

After three years in Toronto he joined a small town police department.  It was in this employment that Royce realized that there was a level of corruption in the department that he could not tolerate and as a result instigated an Ontario Police Commission investigation that cleaned up most of the problems with staff replacements.

Shortly after, when matters were still not corrected 100%  to his standards, Royce Hamer left to pursue a career again in the mechanical field with a family business.

Over the years Royce acquired four inter-provincial trade certifications as well as correspondence courses leading to BS in Engineering, specializing in Rotating Equipment.  Royce worked in Steel Making, Nuclear, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Refining, Injection Molding and the Oil and Gas Industries

Political Experience:  Always a political activist and intrigued with the way campaigns were run, Royce joined the Liberal Party of Canada in the 60”s and worked on 3 successful elections in the Ontario Riding where he picked up valuable experience in the workings of politics. This experience led him to leave the Liberal Party over disgust with some of the activities and broken promises. It did not prevent him from observing the corruption of politics in Canada.

In 2012 Royce joined forces with a small “start-up team” to form the Canadian Anti-Corruption League (CACL.)  The mission of CACL is to make a change in Canada with the help of fellow Canadians to reverse a corruption trend that is clearly taking place.

CACL’s mission is oriented not just to reverse the corruption trend, but more importantly, to establish a prevention strategy that will foster a Canadian culture of honour and integrity.

If you like to contact Royce, feel to send an email to rh@canadiananticorruptionleague.org.

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